quinta-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2013

The quiet boy.

The quiet boy wakes up every morning without protesting, he washes his face and gets dressed all by himself, then takes his healthy breakfast in a silent mood

 The quiet boy goes to school driven by his parents, it´s a 20 minute ride, always spent in absolute silence.
When he arrives there, he greets his mates and teachers and even all other grown ups.

The quiet boy is always paying attention in class, he does all tasks his teacher asks him to do and never ever fools around inside the classroom.
He waits patiently for his turn, never forgets to raise his hand before speaking and never makes any disturbing noises.

During recess  the quiet boy prefers the library, but only after he eats all the veggies his mother sends him everyday.
If and when he needs to use the toillet he waits orderly for his turn.
When its time to go back inside, the quiet boy is always the first in line.

At lunch time the quiet boy always eats everything, even turnips. In the caffeteria he keeps his voice low and minds his manners. After eating he goes to play with his friends, but before he never forgets to wash his hands and teeth, his mamma gave him a travel tothbrush and he keeps it safely in his pocket.

When recess is over and everyone is complaining about going back, the quiet boy goes smoothly tho his classroom eager to learn and work again.
He stays inside all afternoon and sometimes by the end of the schoolday he asks his .eacher if any help is needed.
 Under his table there is never any garbage.

While he waits for his parents to pick him up he reads a little and drinks some semi-fat milk.
When his parents arrive he greets them with a gentle kiss and gets in the car, they always listen to classical music on their way back. After school he takes his swiming lessons, his yoga class, his piano lessons and his mandarin course.

When he finally arrives home its always time for his bath, his homework and his meal, and he does all theese willingly and quietly. After doing all his chores he gets to spend some time with his parents in the living room, sometimes they all read, other times he plays the piano and his parents quietly listen, sometimes he and his father play chess, and when the night falls they all go to sleep, all night long, with no nightmares nor sudden awakes.

The next morning, its early to rise and it starts all over again, smoothly and quietly, no matter if its monday or thursday, it all works like a swiss clock.

During weekends the quiet boy spends a lot of his time reading in the silence if his bedroom, snd going through notes he takes at school, so that in the next week he can be prepared for any surprise test, and absolute sure he learns everything he is supposed to learn.
Sometimes, when its not raining, the quiet boy goes out for a walk, he prefers long and silent walks by the riverside.
At times he asks his mother to buy him a new book but if the mother says no, he never insists nor does he complain.
The quiet boy really enjoys being quiet for long periods of time. When he grows up he will eventually turn out to be a quiet man.
But if you would ask me, I'd say the quiet boy is...

                                            (ilustração Miguel Gorjão Clara)

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    1. 1st part for a story of two very different boys, The quiet boy and The loud boy.
      A way to talk with kids and adults about people´s personalities, mostly abut how adults imagine kids, and how stereotypes can harm kids.